The Dean River in British Columbia is the ultimate destination for any anadromous fly fisher. And for good reason with the world's hottest, freshest salmon and steelhead in a wilderness setting, the Dean offers visitors unrivaled natural beauty.


Our lodge sits nestled in the trees, perched above the turquoise waters of Kimsquit Bay. Sweeping views of glaciated, snow-capped mountains rising high above the salt chuck Dean Channel and Grantham Falls are our nearest neighbors. We are perfectly positioned to target the river's silver-bright fish in their most impressive condition: close to the sea, in the lower river, and below the turbid white water of the Dean Canyon.

photography provided by Jeff Bright, Jeremy Koreski, Louis Cahill and Horatio Nailknot



The lodge and its people

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the fish

What fish to expect when and why they are so special

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