The water we fish is among the most storied and classic water there is—from the river's mouth at the salt chuck of the Dean Channel up to the entrance of the raging Dean River canyon. It is dynamic, steep gradient, classic, boulder strewn and it begs for swung flies. Runs with names like Instant Backing, Archaeological, Sub-Tidal, Ross Island, Eagles Nest and the legendary Cuttbank are runs with soul. When you step into this water, you can feel it. Fishing here, you become a part of the living history of these sacred waters.

The custom aluminum Kimsquit Bay eagle boats were modeled after the classic wooden Dean Dory. We use two boats outfitted with new 40hp outboard jet drives. With classic curves, low sides, and extremely shallow draft they slide smoothly between spots and minimizes obnoxious wakes. They are easy to get in and out of as most all fishing is done while wading. We utilize two great guides for six anglers, with each guide specializing in two-handed Spey casting instruction. Though they are just as pleased to help you with a single handed rod as well. Our guides know the river well and will give you the best odds for success. They love to hear your reel scream and will likely be just as excited as you are every time it does.